repurchase of credit

A repurchase of credit to finish your work


Cash for works and the repurchase of credit

The repurchase of credit is the financial solution to all your problems. Debt repurchase brokers offer you different formulas depending on your financial situation and your projects.

In many cases, people decide to apply for a loan buy-back because they want to reduce their expenses, survive on a daily basis or even to have cash in order to be able to carry out their project.

Here is an example of credit redemption

Mr and Mrs A live in their house, they are owners with their three children. Each month, their income is around 2700 euros without counting the repayment of the mortgage and other credits to do work in their house and they have 37% debt.

In order to have the sum necessary to complete the work in progress, the couple can quite make a request for the repurchase of credit. With a substitution loan, they will be certain that their budget will not be affected and this will lead to a drop of more than 10% in their debt ratio, including the released cash.

Thanks to this loan buy-back formula, the couple can maintain their remaining life and their quality of life while also benefiting from a gain at the end of each month on the overall monthly payment.

The credit redemption formulas stabilize the life of a family and help them better manage their budget while allowing them to live every day.

To measure the savings that your household can make with a consolidation of your debts, do a credit redemption simulation.

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