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How to choose life insurance?


Choosing life insurance is not an easy thing because there are a multitude of contracts. Here is a list of elements to study meticulously to find the contract adapted to your investment profile which remains the preferred investment of the French in 2017.

The quality of the euro fund

It is essential to properly compare the performance of a fund not over one year but over 3 years. Some funds artificially “inflate” their performance over a year to lure uninformed clients who fall into the trap.

The total amount of the costs

In a life insurance contract, management fees, payment fees and arbitration costs apply. It is advisable to take the time to compare these different costs and to make simulations to find out which contract will be the cheapest in the end.

Web services

It is preferable to favor a contract whose evolution can be consulted in real time on the web. It is also necessary to be able to carry out basic management operations (arbitrations, etc.) via the Internet.

The minimum subscription payment

In order to be able to test the range of services and options provided for in the contract without “blocking” too much money, it is wise to choose a contract that offers to pay a small payment at the time of opening. If the contract does not give satisfaction, the subscriber will have immobilized a small sum and will be able to find a contract which corresponds to him more.

The richness of the fund range

Each subscriber is unique. Everyone has their own project and a different knowledge of the financial markets. An insider investor will favor a wide range of funds in order to be able to make investments in specialized funds. On the contrary, a beginner will opt for a more restricted range where a first selection will have been made by the insurer.

Management options and pension options

Don’t get bogged down with unnecessary options. Nothing better than choosing what is really useful! In the case of pension options, the floor guarantee is most often the most suitable solution.

Once all of these points have been studied and compared, it is easier to find the life insurance contract suited to your needs.

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