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What is a chartered accountant specializing in LMNP?


A chartered accountant specializing in LMNP is an accountant for whom the status of non-professional furnished rental company holds no secrets. This is the professional with whom anyone intending to invest in this scheme should collaborate. With an accountant specializing in LMNP, you can be sure that your taxation will not weigh heavily on your finances after your investment.

Choose an accountant carefully

After having clearly identified the importance of a chartered accountant specializing in LMNP, you will certainly make the decision to look for one so as not to neglect anything as a furnished rental company. If so, choose your expert carefully. The latter should really be specialized in LMNP. Also, prefer an accountant who has experience. You will realize this by inquiring about the number of files that the latter manages. It is better to choose a professional who has a large number of clients in charge. In addition, opt for an accountant specializing in real estatealways available. He should be there whenever you need him. And then, choose an accountant who has a sense of pedagogy, a professional willing to answer you when you ask him questions, even if they are concerns already exposed.

A trusted person by your side at all times

The chartered accountant specialist in LMNP is a trusted interlocutor who stands by your side at all times for your development as a furnished rental company. He will always intervene at the right time to offer you several services related to your investment. The LMNP chartered accountant can help you choose your legal status. Whether it is more judicious for you to opt, among other things, for a family LLC, a sole proprietorship or an SCI with corporate tax, it will present you with good arguments that will allow you to do the right choice. The chartered accountant specializing in LMNP can also guide you so that you retain the tax regime that suits you best.

A professional in charge of the complete management of your accounts

This investment specialist in LMNP is able to completely manage your accounting . If you call on him, he will start by updating it and doing what is necessary for its good performance. Also, this professional will take care of preparing your balance sheet. In his work, he will not hesitate to advise you on the right choices to make regarding the tax options available to you and the most attractive amortization period.

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